• EXO3

    EXO3 is the first brand produced by GROUPE MARCK INNOVATION.

    It covers gear designed for human protection: ballistic protection, impact protection and thermal protection.

    All of its products have been developed in close concert with security and defence forces in order to withstand issues encountered in the field.

    OUR DNa

    GROUPE MARCK INNOVATION has drawn on all of its technical expertise to develop and build advanced, lightweight, modular products.

    Follows body movements: flexibility and mobility.

    Withstands constraints, the environment and stress.

    Meets the standards and requirements for missions.


    The most appropriate materials have been sourced, and the gear has been designed for improved performance and human usability in the field. It merges with the human body and facilitates its movements to ensure that actions are performed quickly and safely.

    THe NaMe

    EXO3 is a perfect combination of this philosophy. EXO for exoskeleton (external skeleton), an anatomical feature that protects certain animals from their environment while enabling them to stay mobile.

    The brand's value is highlighted in the exponent 3, which means cubed, 3D, 360° protection from dangers.

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